3 social factors analyse on homelessness essay

Using FL we converted information, taken from recently published, peer reviewed articles, for a select group of factors related to homelessness and then calculated the strength of influence weights for pairs of factors. It is important to understand homelessness in Canada as a complex problem.

These efforts have not been able to respond to the affordable housing needs. Homelessness and at Risk in Greater Victoria.

What Causes Homelessness? Homelessness as a Social Problem

In Canada, each level of government is responsible for different facets of homelessness. This would ensure that such persons become financially independent which would contribute to the success of their placement. Conclusions The FCM built to model the complex social system of homelessness reasonably represented reality for the sample scenarios created.

We accept that a certain amount of homelessness is inevitable. The UN Special Rapporteur on adequate housing in Canada has also strongly urged the federal government to commit sufficient funding to create a national housing strategy by working with the provinces and territories [ 3 ].

Everyone deserves a decent home. People without shelter face many challenges. Some homeless people are drug addicts or persons with medical conditions. Individual and Relational Factors: According to Gaetzthe growing inequality is largely due to wage suppression, benefit reduction, growth of part time work at the expense of full time work, and the deindustrialization of the Canadian economy.

The FCM technique captures greater degrees of dynamism and complexity than static models, allowing relevant concepts to be manipulated and interacted. Ending Aboriginal Homelessness should be prioritized as both a distinct category of action and part of the overall strategy to end homelessness.

Besides, the homeless can barely afford to pay rent. Results of these trials were explainable according to current empirical knowledge related to homelessness. Providing financial assistance, rehabilitation, and transitional housing are some of the solutions for homelessness.

The Affordable Housing Crisis: Lastly, a decent housing should be provided during the transition period so that they get absorbed into existing social welfare with ease.

Key factors include; lack of adequate income, access to affordable housing and health supports and experiences of discrimination, and shifts in the economy that can leave people unable to pay their bills.

Divorce and abusive relationships are among the major factors of homelessness Homeless Resource Network.

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Methods Fuzzy Logic FL and fuzzy cognitive maps FCMs are particularly suited to the modeling of complex social problems, such as homelessness, due to their inherent ability to model intricate, interactive systems often described in vague conceptual terms and then organize them into a specific, concrete form i.

The causes of homelessness reflect an intricate interplay between structural factors, systems failures, and individual circumstances. Consequently, it is important for them to be rehabilitated or treated for a healthy lifestyle.Aug 23,  · Homelessness is a complex social problem with a variety of underlying economic and social factors such as poverty, lack of affordable housing, uncertain physical and mental health, addictions, and community and family breakdown.

Structural causes of homelessness are social and economic in nature; these are often outside the control of the family or individual concerned. This may include the lack of affordable housing; in England million people are on the social housing waiting list (CLG ) This number is predicted to rise some 2 million households by (LGA ).

Essay samples in literary analysis; Health argumentative essay topics; Homelessness What are some factors that contribute to successful placement of homeless individuals? Hombs states that most homeless people are unable to meet social responsibilities such as paying rent.

What Causes Homelessness? Homelessness as a Social Problem June 18, Individual and Relational Factors: Homelessness is a societal issue; however, individual and relational factors can impact a person’s likelihood of becoming homeless. Introduce more comprehensive data collection, performance monitoring, analysis and research.

According to The National Center on Family Homelessness (), the typical sheltered homeless family is comprised of a mother in her late twenties with two children.

Eighty-four percent of families experiencing homelessness are female-headed. This is due to number of factors: Most single-parent families are female-headed (71%). The topic depicts that there are numerous social factors that contribute to the issue of homelessness.

This influences the mindset of the readers when they are engaging the article, since they are aware of the contents of the essay, which clarifies that homelessness is a result of complex social factors.

3 social factors analyse on homelessness essay
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