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On the audio commentary, the director discusses everything from location shooting to recurring themes to casting choices and working with screenwriter Bruce Joel Rubin. Lyne continually and disconcertingly pulls the rug from beneath not only Jacob, but the audience as well, yet manages to never make a viewer feel lost, instead producing an eagerness to solve the "mystery" while you root for Jacob.

All the demonic imagery is done with prosthetics—Lyne refused to use computer graphics—and much of the lugubrious tone can be pinned on the director and cinematographer Jeffrey L.

The mood is perfect. More to be felt through than thought through. The very act of watching the film is so emotionally draining that the viewer leaves the film feeling worked-in; the thought of repeat viewings is daunting yet insatiable.

Also there is a perplexing and scary scene omitted at the end where Jacob confronts Jezebel. Vietnam was really a means to an end. This is a horror film after all, both on psychological and more apparent supernatural levels.

Only moderately successful at the U. What appears to be finite is really couched in the infinite, and the infinite imbues everything in our lives.

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Once you have a meditative life you start to see that the world is really far different than what it appears to be. However, Lyne decided to use images similar to thalidomide deformities to achieve a greater shock effect.

The best way to see this movie is with absolutely no knowledge of it beforehand. Cast in the role of Jacob, Tim Robbins said the film presented for him "a great opportunity to go in a different direction.

The rest of the cast is noteworthy, even though their questionable nature gives them a lot of leeway in terms of verisimilitude and consistency.

Sign in to vote. He cannot tell "dreams" from reality. What happened to him in Vietnam? See this movie then see it again and then see it three years later. The theatrical trailer is also included. The techniques used in this film have since been overused and distilled throughout various horror movies and music videos, but without ever coming close to the power of the original, which presents some of the most psychologically terrifying images ever to appear on screen.

At the end of the film, a message is displayed saying that reports of testing of BZ, NATO code for a deliriant and hallucinogen known as 3-quinuclidinyl benzilateon U.

Jacob's Ladder

The visuals are incredible and highly influential. Danny Aielo explaining to Jacob about angels and demons still moves me to this date and the two simple words suddenly spoken to a disbelieving Jacob from some unseen source while in the Asylum scene still terrify like no other movie can.

Atmosphere and dialogue are both clear in nearly every scene and crowded auditory scenes, as in a horrifying house party, play out very nicely. I love doing comedy, but I know I can do other things as well. Suddenly, without explanation, we see Jacob back in New York City.

Jacob’s Ladder

Part of the inherent beauty of the film is that any scene or set of scenes may equally be taken as the "real events", and any of the dialogue may be taken as providing clues to your preferred interpretation. Efforts to cure himself of these visions lead Singer to reconnect with members of his platoon, the most vocal members of which are played by Ving Rhames, Eriq La Salle, and the great Pruitt Taylor Vince, who are all also experiencing violent hallucinations.

The acting is great, the dialogue is outstanding. This remains one of my favorite movies and I never hesitate to take in another viewing. Meanwhile, between appointments with his saintly chiropractor a very good Danny AielloSinger suffers through dreams involving his ex-wife and the son they lost an uncredited Macaulay Culkin to a hit-and-run.

It was a plot device rather than something we were trying to make a huge issue of. Lyne said a part of the inspiration for this motif was Martin A. Audio is similarly admirable though obviously nothing to show off.

Jacob is stabbed in the stomach with a bayonet.

Lyne begins and ends the film in a village in Vietnam where Jacob Singer Tim Robbins and his platoon fall under a violent ambush; some of the soldiers convulse or go catatonic quite suddenly. Lyne and Rubin used the works of the artist H. You just want out.

In response, about 20 minutes of disturbing scenes, mostly from the last third of the film, were removed from the final cut.

For several years, Rubin tried to sell the script, without success; Thom Mount of Universal Pictures said he "loved it, but it was not for his studio". There is alot of digital grain in some of the shots. Spoilers After reading several reviews on this film I thought I would add my two cents.

How do you introduce a character with horns?Nov 02,  · "Jacob's Ladder" enters into the hallucinations of a desperate mind, and lives there.

It evokes a paranoid-schizophrenic state as effectively as any film I have ever seen. Despite an ending that is intended as victorious, the movie is a thoroughly painful and depressing experience - but, it must be said, one that has been powerfully written /5.

Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Jacob's Ladder [DVD] at mint-body.com Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Infidelity is certainly joked about and discussed in Jacob’s Ladder, but the thought of approaching the film as anything less than a genuine oddity in Lyne’s career would be foolish.

Only moderately successful at the U.S. box office, the film also serves as a bizarrely cohesive hybrid of war movie, character study, art film, and horror flick.

Oct 29,  · (Re-Uploaded) This week Gary and Iain review and discuss Jacob's ladder () directed by Adrian Lyne. Starring, Tim Robbins, Elizabeth Peña and Danny Aiell. Nov 02,  · "Jacob's Ladder" is a slick, riveting, viscerally scary film about what in other hands would be a decidedly unsalable subject, namely death.

Clever as he is, Mr. Lyne knows better than to present. Nov 02,  · But i How To describe Jacob's Ladder. Horrifying, confusing and just all in all a freaking roller coaster **** storm of what the **** I don't nessasarly wanna say i liked the film, because throughout the Majority of the film i was incredibly confused and the ending, oh god the ending%(20).

A review of the film jacobs ladder
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