An analysis of the good morrow

After playing your th game of Angry Birds, swiping a few Wat Ups to your friends, and checking the weather forecast, you probably thought to yourself, "OMG, how did I ever live without this?

Donne then concludes by saying that if their love for each other is felt equally strongly on both sides, then their love is strong and cannot die. In the good morrow summary, it is worth mentioning that through false pleasures the poet might be indicating towards his various liaisons with other women which were just a reflection of the beauty which his true lover filled him with.

He says that he does not care about how much the sea discoverers expand the boundaries of the world with their discoveries.

Metaphysical poets were learned men whose knowledge of the world around them was discernible in their poetry. To the poet, her beloved was like a beautiful dream which was turned into reality.

Okay, they may have messed around with other people, but those shenanigans were lame compared to this rapture. As divine messengers, angels mediate between God and humans, helping humans become closer to the divine. Next, the poet talks about the unique beauty of the love which he and his beloved share.

The Good Morrow Summary with Text: In the second stanza, Donne refers both to sea-travel to new worlds: In the poem, the speaker becomes the movable leg, while his beloved becomes the fixed leg. By drawing this reference to Geography again, the poet tries to give us an insight into the unparalleled bliss of his world of love where it is always warm and sunny.

According to this belief, the intellect governs the body, much like a king or queen governs the land. European explorers began arriving in the Americas in the fifteenth century, returning to England and the Continent with previously unimagined treasures and stories. England developed Anglicanism inanother reformed version of Catholicism.

Like the Americas, the speaker explains, she too will eventually be discovered and conquered. During those days when he was yet to discover true love, he would make up for that emptiness by indulging in other pleasures of life but now after understanding the meaning of love he realizes that those pleasures were very artificial.

Indeed, the sight of each other far exceeds any fondness they have for other pleasant sights, and the bedroom where they spend their time they are newly loved up, after all! Metaphysical poetry is predominantly intellectual where the emotions of the poet are expressed through the working of the intellect.

The Good Morrow

Let sea discoveries to new worlds have gone, Let maps to others, worlds on worlds have shown, Let us possess our world; each hath one and is one. Being without his beloved was as insignificant as those years which the seven sleepers had spent sleeping.

We attempt the good morrow analysis from a metaphysical point of view.The Good Morrow by John Donne is considered to be one of the best poems belonging to the metaphysical school of poetry.

This poem is an aubade or poem of the morning, in the poet’s words, to his beloved after a satisfying night of lovemaking. For instance, in “The Good-Morrow,” the speaker, through brilliant metaphorical leaps, uses the motif of spheres to move from a description of the world to a description of globes to a description of his beloved’s eyes to a description of their perfect love.

The Good-Morrow

Brief summary of the poem The Good Morrow. A dude wakes up next to his lover and starts dishing about love. What the freak did we do before we were, like, in a relationship?

They were either too young or too obsessed with sex, way different than what they are now: truly, maturely in love. What do you make of ‘The Good-Morrow’?

If you’d like to explore more of John Donne’s remarkable work, the best edition of his writing out there is, in our opinion, John Donne – The Major Works (Oxford World’s Classics).

For more Metaphysical poetry, see our analysis of Marvell’s ‘The Definition of Love’.

The Good-Morrow Analysis

Analyzing 'The Good-Morrow' When we talk about sending someone a 'shout-out,' what we mean is that we're conveying a salutatory message, or perhaps even our congratulations to that person. What we have with John Donne's poem is a very similar situation.

“The Good-Morrow” is a poem of twenty-one lines divided into three stanzas. The poet addresses the woman he loves as they awaken after having spent the night together.

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The poem begins with a direct question from the poet to the woman.

An analysis of the good morrow
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