Comparing school districts essay

The following example shows school results filtered for Sacramento City Unified: Sort Results The sort icon can be used to sort your results from high to low or low to high.

How to Use the Data State test scores are the most reliable way to obtain school-by-school performance data. Each state administers its own exam and sets its own standard for proficiency. They also allow schools and districts to compare their performance to other schools and districts in the state.

The site does not list when the state tests are administered.

Add a Pin The pinning feature in Comparisons allows you to select one or more districts or schools to keep in the left-hand columns of your results regardless of how you sort.

Key Questions to Ask What is the performance of student subgroups? If you provide an email address, we will respond to your comments. An initiative of the National School Boards Association.

Learn More Under the federal No Child Left Behind Act, all students are expected to attain proficiency on their state math and reading exams. Olmstead continued to be a high performing school but changed their actions from accidental to intentional and Start moved up two levels in 1 year to be a school of Excellence in line with the state.

For example, if you want to look at districts with an enrollment of less thanyou can click on the filter icon for enrollment and type in the number range you want in the boxes provided: Sincestates must also test students in science at least once in elementary, middle, and high school.

Kansas elementary school closes the achievement gap —Faced with a high dropout rate and low student performance, this Kansas City Kan. How the details were measured All states report results of their reading and math scores as the percent of students scoring at proficient.

Comparing School Districts Essay

These exams are typically only one part of the state assessment program. Click on this icon: The data from these exams are currently not available on the SchoolMatters Web site.

How does your school compare to other schools within the state?

If you want to add another data element from the same category, click on the dots and repeat the process. Collaboration allowed for the whole school climate to change, teachers had a renewed focus on what they were doing and realized that they held the ability to change their school.

They questioned why they were succeeding in certain areas while failing in others and then looked at how they could use what was working to improve the regions where failure was occurring.GOVT May 1, Research Project Comparing School Districts: Alief ISD 1. Where is the district located?

(5 pts.) Alief Independent School District (ISD) is located in Houston Texas, between Sugar Land, Bellaire, and Katy.

Free school district papers, essays, and research papers. Comparing Texas School Districts ‘Lamar Consolidated Independent School District Paper instructions: Use the performance of LAMAR CONSOLIDATED Independent School district to answer the attached document question.

The GRC score indicates the level of math or reading achievement by the average student in a public school district when compared to all students in the United States. How does your school compare to other schools within the state?

Comparing School District Alief

Share. Print. They also allow schools and districts to compare their performance to other schools and districts in the state.

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high-caliber exams that are tightly aligned to state standards and require students to answer short answer and essay questions. Other states use off. The article gave a great account of two Ohio school districts; one, Olmstead Falls Intermediate School, classified as a “High Performing” school that wanted continued growth and the other, Start High School, classified as needing “Continued Improvement” both embarked on the Framework for.

Comparing school districts essay
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