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I have recently been speaking publicly about the history of slavery in the US. But even if we assume this to be try, counterfactuals may be no more than a boost in the imagination to aid any seeker on their road to discovery, only helping along in the construction of claims that lead to a discovery only cemented by evidence.

What If? 19 Alternate Histories Imagining a Very Different World

Colonization of the moon, Venus, and Mars by Learning that Britain has broken the Enigma codehowever, the Nazis play it safe and make peace with the west. What if Martin Scorsese had directed Pretty Woman? Instead, when counterfactuals are considered, we worry more about the plausibility of the consequence coming from the antecedent than just the plausibility of the antecedent.

But then again, what counterfactual takes precendent over the others? What if Shakespeare was a renowned historian?

For the professional historian, these sources are not incidental to interpreting history; they are the lifeblood of doing so. Shakespeare has impressed scholars not only with his literary brilliance, but also with the historical detail of his plays.

Republicans win every election for the next 30 years. America becomes one nation again… in According to popular opinion, Kluge was left with the choice of retreating east, or confronting the Americans and cutting of their supply while also gaining a sea coast from the west [25].

It would also rupture the idea that our history is one of an evolution toward moral perfection.

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Many of these were popular questions — What if the Americans lost the Revolutionary War? What if the Protestant Reformation never happened? In fact, it very easily becomes impossible to end the conversation without bringing in another what if.

That bit was never explained. Bangs also survives the fate he suffered in reality, where he died of an accidental overdose inaged A raid may be the result of an acquisition of spoils directly or may be the result of an acquisition of a possession that will yield ongoing benefits.

The British movie magazine Empire joined in the counterfactuals game in by suggesting some possible stories from recent Hollywood history. As Gunn puts it: Writing an academic essay means fashioning a coherent set of ideas into an argument.

A myth became established in later years that Napoleon missed the moment of French destiny when he failed to respond to the British approach of 21 February. For people of a different background, how can one understand the relative peace in the absence of a larger governing system?

In "Road to the Multiverse," a episode of Family Guy, Stewie and Brian find themselves hopping between universes. While seemingly counterproductive to good history, the use of counterfactualism does engage the imagination—in fact this is many historians reasoning for keeping counterfactualism alive in scholarly study—but the real reasoning behind continuing its presence in argument and discussion is because counterfactuals appeal to laws, rationality, and casual analysis.

A significant foray into treating counterfactual scenarios seriously was made by the economic historian Robert Fogel.

Why would you include a counter-argument in your essay? For example, in the case of the first collapse of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge, as recorded by Albert Gunns hereby I let go of any expertise of the subject and base all of my assertions on the facts given and researched and documented in the passage.

What if the Romans won the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest? The United States invades Cuba, making the Crisis escalate into nuclear warfare.Imagination Meets Reality: Writing a Counterfactual History of the American Civil War In June of the editors of Look approached McKinlay Kantor – the Pulitzer Prize winning author of Andersonville – and asked him if he would write an essay explaining what might have happened if the South had won the war.

Counterfactual history

Counterfactual narratives are a refreshing development in the writing of put contingency back into history, and serve as a necessary antidote to traditional deterministic tendencies.

They accomplish the reintroduction of experimental elements into academic approaches to history.

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From counterfactual history to counter. Altered Pasts: Counterfactuals in History, by Richard J. Evans.

From counterfactual history to counter-narrative history

Counterfactual history done in such broad strokes, Evans maintains, “allows historians to rewrite history according to their present-day political purposes and prejudices”. Registration is free and only takes a moment. Once registered you can read a total of 3 articles.

Counterfactual history has intrigued and confounded philosophers, social scientists, and some distinguished historians as well. Snowman edited a book of essays a. writing a counterfactual essay Free resume writing services bangalore how to write conclusion paragraph in persuasive how to write cover letters for retail jobs Counterfactual history history, also sometimes referred to as virtual history, In his book Railroads and American Economic Growth: Essays in Econometric History.

Counter Factual Essay. Word Count: ; Approx Pages: 5; Save Essay ; View my Saved Essays ; It all started back in the 's, when the British colonies wanted to become a free and independent country from Britain. A document that they called theDeclaration of Independence? was sent to King George III.

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