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This shows that professionals did not do enough to prevent the death of Daniel. This means that his mother had not paid enough attention to him as he showed delays in his development.

This finding shows that Daniel was both neglected and physically abused. This shows that Daniel was neglected and his behaviour indicates that he was so distressed and had such a low self-esteem that it was unrecognisable.

Daniel was born in Coventry, England on 15 July This may have been due to their fear of being exploited into tabloids due to having a child who is domestically abused attend at their school.

A five year old should easily be able to converse with others but Daniel failed to daniel pelka essay writer this. This again shows that Daniel was neglected. Two days earlier, as a punishment for wetting himself, Daniel had been beaten severely. The level of abuse Daniel suffered that emerged in the murder trial of his parents was completely unknown to the professionals who were in contact with the family at the time.

On 28 February, he was observed as being "pasty" with "sunken eyes" and not interacting with other children.

Safeguarding and child protection Academic Essay

Child abuse Daniels mother and stepfather set out to deliberately harm him and to mislead and deceive professionals about what they were doing. She also stated that the culprits "carried out a deliberate and cynical deception of teaching, welfare and medical personnel, which was designed to conceal what was happening, to prevent any help being provided for Daniel".

This finding shows that Daniel was neglected. However, she said she could protect her children, and Daniel was never interviewed directly. This finding also suggests that Daniel may have been neglected due to dysfunctional family relationships. Daniel was obviously not fed very often as he appeared as severely unhealthy.

His poor language skills and isolated situation meant that there was often a lack of child focus to interventions by professionals This shows that Daniel was emotionally abused and was neglected. The doctor issued a prescription for worms and said he appeared thin but not wasting away.

However, a Polish funeral firm in London donated the money for the cause. Witnesses described him as looking like "a concentration camp victim" and "a seriously ill cancer patient".

Eryk remained with the family until the end of The cause of death was ruled to be a brain injury. Both adults would deliberately harm him which suggests that they may have physically abused him as shown through physical indicators such as bruising and injuries.

This finding shows that Daniel was neglected by the school as they failed to investigate further into his injuries. A diagram detailing these injuries was released by West Midlands Police and shown widely in the media. The school began to see a pattern of injuries and marks on Daniel during the four months prior to his death, and these were not acted upon.

He had refused medical attention due to fear that people would recognise him. Paramedics arrived and took him to hospital, where he was pronounced dead at Initially, Eryk could not afford the cost of flying the body over to Poland from the UK.

Chakraborthy after having lost weight. A social worker had recommended that Daniel be given a snack on the way to school. His injury shows signs of physical abuse by his mother and stepfather and this finding also shows neglect as the school did not investigate further into his injury.

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People continued to notice him eating out of bins, including on 1 March, the day he would receive the beating that caused his death. The type of maltreatment shown in this finding is physical abuse and neglect.

They also noted that countries with mandatory reporting laws did not have a higher rate of child abuse reports. Due to their neglect, they could not recognise the dysfunctional relationships that Daniel had with his mother and stepfather which had eventually lead to his death.

This may have caused her to act out in a violent manner whilst being in a state of intoxication causing physical abuse towards Daniel.

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After the school holidays, Daniel showed visible signs of weight loss. His poor language skills show that he was neglected as his mother may have had poor parenting skills.safeguarding and child protection academic essay.

read carefully – instructions words this is learning from experience refer to case study daniel pelka and how we hae improved and learnt from experience also how we can improve who involved and what can be done better no opinion just fact – see notes see also references if referring.

This finding also suggests that Daniel may have been neglected due to dysfunctional family relationships. Daniel’s mother may not have had a proper mother/son relationship with Daniel and may have had poor parenting skills leading to this neglect.

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Show More. Daniel Defoe I chose to write about and present the great writer Daniel Defoe. My interest for. Daniel Pełka's murder and the missed opportunities to prevent it generated a "huge sense of public outrage". Members of the public donated over £10, to the NSPCC in Pelka's memory.

[15] Coventry has hosted many gatherings to remember Daniel Pełka, with the most recent one held on the six year anniversary of his mint-body.comg place: Łódź, Poland.

Daniel pelka essay writer
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