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Am I still able to surf the internet and make roaming calls? Is this quota really unlimited? However, you may be required to pay an additional deposit of RM per line on top of the advance payment required. Can I subscribe to the new Go Digi plan? Yes, you are allowed to use this unlimited quota Mon - Fri from 9am - 6pm on Digi 4G network.

Will I be charged for extra usage? However, you are only able to surf the internet by purchasing our additional roaming pass. Fair usage policy of minutes is applicable. All submissions are subject to credit risk approval by Digi.

I own a foreign company registered overseas. Who can sign up for the new Go Digi WiFi plans? You can check via the MyDigi App. This quota is only usable on 4G network on 4G devices. Other terms and conditions apply.

NEW Digi Business Postpaid Plan with Windows Phone!

Please log on to http: You are able to make and receive roaming calls at pay per use rate. Instead of give extra weekend data, DiGi decided listen to end user, give extra 4G Plus internet data from Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm which is much more effective for business user.

Your data service will be throttled until the next billing cycle. No, you will not be charged extra when you exceed your monthly Mobile Internet Quota. I own a foreign company registered overseas. If YES, will I be charged? Upon depletion of 4G Plus Internet quota, internet quota from standard internet bucket will be utilized.

You can opt for our 10 day or monthly Internet Quota Add-Ons to continue surfing the Internet at regular speed, subject to the relevant terms and conditions.Latest Digi Biz Plan update. Promote Digi Business Plan/ Corporate Plan.

Free smart phone. Renew, new registration, mnp convert service. Special number search etc. Digi Marketing Strategy And Implementation Marketing Essay.

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it is not a specialized activity at all. It encompasses the entire business. It is the whole business seen from the point of view of its final result, that is from customers.

Digi offered for those students a cheaper call plan which is specify as DiGi Campus, the call rate is. Digi Postpaid for Business provides the solution on the latest 4G LTE smartphone bundled with their competitive business plans.

If you're on the Windows camp, This would be the BEST PHONE BUNDLED BUSINESS PLAN for the the best Windows 10 Mobile experience! BUSINESS PLAN. JOIN DIGI TO EMPOWER YOUR BUSINESS. Get dedicated support and personalized customer service from our team via E-mail, Phone or chat.

Get easy access to your Company network from any point of the world using fixed IP address. Save your Capex by using our software router, managed by Digi team.

DiGi Corporate Business Service. 17 likes · 8 talking about this · 4 were here. Provide latest DiGi business plan service, especially Klang Valley area. Good news for business user & corporate company.

Newly launch DiGi's biz plan name Go DiGi come with 4 optional plans. All come with unlimited local voice call & sms.

Digi business plan
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