Drug addiction research paper outline

Marlatt describes some areas for treatment including skills training in self-efficacy, coping strategies, emotional states, and cravings as useful in preventing relapse. National Institutes of Health, 1 Aug. The goal of treatment is relapse prevention. Women were more sensitive to the negative effects of the damage of relapse on interpersonal relationships.

Therefore, you should be prepared to spend time writing and rewriting the work, until you are happy that you have created something that is of as high a standard as can be. Other research is being conducted in identifying medications that may help limit the stress for the recovering addict.

Therefore, addressing these altered and destructive reactions to stress should be addressed in successful treatment. However, he notes that Antabuse was designed to reinforce the negative consequences of relapsing.

This is an altered pathway because the addict would have experience and near compulsion to relapse as it was their long practiced coping mechanism for stress. Alan, and Dennis M. Addiction and relapse Addiction carries an extremely high relapse rate.

There is some good work in the field so far, but the problem remains. Stress is a key aspect of addiction relapse. However, as you progress with your education, it is worth being aware that more comprehensive papers will require multiple drafts.

Sinha outlines that recent information is becoming known that neurological pathways are altered by the addiction. For example, you may wish to carry out a range of questionnaires or interviews as part of your methods, so as to interact with people who have been affected themselves in some way by drug addiction.

Treatment for addiction Ultimately, the desired outcome is that the addict will not relapse. This rate is indiscriminate between men and women.

Therefore they were less likely to relapse for fear of damage to their marriages or other interpersonal relationships. Planning the paper before researching the relevant facts and data Once you have decided on a suitable topic, your next steps should be to start planning the work.

It was found that women were more likely to be married to heavily drinking men. Marlatt discusses a study performed on addicted prisoners which showed lower relapse rates among addicted prisoners who underwent meditation training over the control group Marlatt, Since illicit drug use has increased to affecting approximately Additionally, this paper discusses the combination of cognitive-behavioral skill training and the role of medication in helping addicted persons cope with stress without engaging in a relapse.

Relapsing women were more likely to relapse as part of a social phenomenon than men where the issue is more of isolation Walitzer, On one hand, addiction carries with it a very high rate of relapse, and this effect is often exacerbated by internal and external stressors.

Therefore, if you have to create one yourself, you may wish to try and find a unique angle to look at the subject from. Works Cited Marlatt, G. Marlatt notes the low compliance rates with drugs like Anatabuse Marlatt, Of course, the data relating to drug addiction is constantly being updated and, therefore, even if your essay covers an area relating to drug addiction that has been relatively well covered before, you can still potentially ensure that it is modern and up-to-date and, therefore, relevant and fresh.

Although there was some evidence that married addicts were less likely to relapse, presumably because of having a relationship, it was not shown to be determinative in predicting relapse. Therefore, this paper reviews the role of stress and its effect on the addicted person. Further inquiry into the effect of meditation on the identified altered neuro-pathways would be beneficial in showing its efficacy.Drug Addiction Research Paper Outline.


Creating An Effective Research Paper On Drug Addiction

Introduction. II. Drug Use, Misuse, Abuse, and Addiction. III. Drug Administration, Absorption, Metabolism, and Excretion. You can use our professional writing services to order a custom research paper on drug addiction and get your high quality paper at affordable price.

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Creating An Effective Research Paper On Drug Addiction.

Research Paper on Addiction

Many individuals have written research papers on the subject of drug addiction. Therefore, if you have to create one yourself, you may wish to try and find a unique angle to look at the subject from. Get Help With Your Drug Addiction - Serenity PlacementPayment Plans Available · No Medicare · No Medicaid.

The relationship between addiction and relapse is studied in this sample paper.

A discussion of factors and causes of relapse, including stress, follows/5(8). Essays Related to Outline on drugs. 1. With this exactness drug testing is the most efficient way to find which employees are using drugs.

There should be an outline for giving the tests. Word Count: ; In President Reagan signs the Anti-Drug Abuse Act which includes a large number of mandatory penalties for drug /5(4).

Drug addiction research paper outline
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