Exploring planets in the starship a fictional story

Cybertron Transformers Universe Animated Cybertron - still the best! The services the colonists provide to one another will tend to be of intermediate or non-specialist standard. It was expanded for feature distribution and has since become a cult classic.

Star Trek Nemesisnovel by J. Since probes revealed the absence of any indications of intelligent life on Mars, the science fictional Mars has changed to a possible future home for the human race, e. So in many ways it was almost a relief to see that this movie was a true re-imagining -- the family dynamics and basic plot were still there, but the dreadful camp tone was replaced by something a bit more sober.

Video of 0-Cix53XRVs In both cases, space exploration -- in this case the discovery of a mysterious liquid planet dubbed Solaris -- is a direct metaphor for a kind of internal exploration as well, with the sentient planet causing visitors to see manifestations of their deepest desires.

Ships are mysteriously disappearing on the direct "Alderson" hyperspace path from the planet Meiji in the 82 Eridani system to the Earth. For example, a heart transplant might be conducted by a general surgeon, yoga class taken by a sports instructor, an algorithm upgrade written by an engineer.

All looks lost until one of the soldiers makes an interesting discovery: Dennis Quaid and Ben Foster star as two inhabitants of a ship sent on a year voyage to another planet, who wake up to discover that many of the 60, others have devolved into a mutated form of human life.

They turn the planet inside-out, changing it from a natural world to an artificial world. A living asteroid falls in love with a spaceship full of traveling colonists.

The Ophiuchi Hotlinenovel by John Varley. In other works, the planet takes center stage as the primary scene of events, and particular attention is paid to its environment and any culture that may exist on it.

This odd structure would have to be assembled in space. Mindbridgenovel by Joe Haldeman. The head of a global corporation tries to convince NASA that the last step of terraforming, making a planet earth-like, is filling the new planet with earth-like stores. Time and Againnovel by Clifford D.

A private corporation makes a settlement on a tiny planet. Of course, by the time we are able to build a starship, artificial intelligence AI may have reshaped our economy more on this below.

Variation — Humans discover a distant, alien world. The plot of the third novel in the trilogy concerns an attempt to retrieve a treasure stolen from Achernar. Intergalactic smugglers are constantly harassed by the Alliance Police but, somehow, contraband keeps getting through.

Stars and planetary systems in fiction

But one colonist discovers that the planet is hollow, and the missing colonists have fallen through trap doors and landed inside.Strangely, none of the Star Trek movies are about exploring space -- the primary theme of the original series -- but the first one comes closest as the Enterprise sets off to investigate a dangerous, destructive energy cloud and determine the origins of the vast vessel that lies at its center.

The space exploration aspect comes neatly back into play. The No-Kidding Coolest Planets in Science Fiction by Matt Cates a year ago in fantasy / literature / pop culture / science fiction / scifi movie / scifi tv / space / star trek / star wars.

The Ultimate List of Films Set in Space or on Other Planets I have come to the conclusion that not nearly enough films are set in space, I also have a feeling I have seen most of the films that are.

To prove myself wrong I have compiled a list of every film that is mostly set in space or another planet.

Best Space Books: Science Fiction

This massive starship is controlled by the Spacing Guild and measures in at 20, meters or 20KM. The starship can carry whole fleets and not use up all of its cargo space. What is the longest fictional spaceship of all time?

I cannot remember the name of the story, but l remember a ship in one of Cordwinder Smith's stories was.

Planets in science fiction

Science fiction story ideas - Living in space. Science Fiction Stories; Horror Stories; Science Fiction Story Ideas Living in Space Building a Better World – Artificial Planets. The world’s richest man builds his own artificial planet and moves the headquarters of his company there. Astronauts exploring distant space encounter an.

Various planets of the Solar System were used as settings for science fiction stories in the first half of the 20th century; but dissatisfaction with the limits imposed by science led many writers early on to forsake the Solar System for .

Exploring planets in the starship a fictional story
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