Factors affecting employment in kenya

Migration Factor An Urban center in Kenya has been defined as any area with over 2, persons. If potential employees, for example, hear negative stories in the press about the way your company treats employees, this could affect your recruitment process and what type of candidate you are able to hire.

Today, the wave of urban-rural migration is higher than ever before. Employment relationship and politicisation: Technological Advances and Automation Advances in technology can affect employment rates.

What Factors Impact Employment?

Social complications creep into the company infrastructure, creating a de facto guide for interaction which can have a positive or negative effect on employees and production. For example, if you own an agriculture or construction company, certain seasons may call for an increase in employees as opposed to smaller necessary workforces during off-seasons.

Corporate Values The corporate values that your company adheres to could impact your employment rate. On the other hand, if the economic climate is poor and national unemployment rates are high, it may be easier to retain your employees since other job opportunities may be limited.

Views of Malaysian civil servants working in Penang. Main Report, Washington D. The number employed outside small-scale agriculture and pastoralism was about 6 million.

Social Factors Affecting Employment

Seasonal Fluctuations According to the U. This is according to the goal-setting theory by psychologist Edwin Locke, Ph. Nairobi and Mombasa underwent a decrease in population share from 70 percent to 51 percent over the same period.

Factors Affecting Employment in Kenya

Gender Factor Traditionally in African contextmen left home for work and women remained back home to carry on with home chores. Even today, politics have continued to influence employment in Kenya. Certain technological advances in machine automation have also replaced the need for specific levels of employees in office atmospheres, impacting overall employment.

In about 15 percent of the labor force was officially classified as unemployed. For example, certain industrial ventures previously requiring people to work on factory lines may now be able to use computer-operated machines instead of employees, depending on the industry.

Key among those conditions included social conditions at their rural homes, marital unhappiness and lack of social services.perceived factors influencing deviant behaviour among the youth in njathaini community, nairobi, kenya by mbuthia winnie wairimu a thesis submitted in partial fulfillment for the.

equipment and working tools are inadequate thus affecting work performance. Objectives of the study The general objective of the study was to analysis of the factors influencing selection of employee in the state law office.

The specific objectives were; 1. factors affecting employee performance in Machakos county government, Kenya. The significance of the study includes the benefits to the National government of Kenya, County governments in Kenya, members of the public and other.

Factors Affecting Employment in Kenya FACTORS AFFECTING EMPLOYMENT IN KENYA - Factors Affecting Employment in Kenya introduction. Creating opportunities in terms of employment is of critical concern to every country in the world. FACTORS AFFECTING THE EMPLOYEE’S PERFORMANCE: A CASE STUDY OF BANKING SECTOR IN PAKISTAN Aliya Iqbal find the factors affecting the job performance of employees.

To find the relationship between long working Factors Affecting on Employees Retention in Banking Sector: An Investigation from by using the. i factors affecting employee job satisfaction in institutions of higher education in kenya: a case study of united states international university (usiu).

Factors affecting employment in kenya
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