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In each area of corporate social responsibility they are obliged to use a freedom of choice available for them Friedman vs carroll achievement social responsible results. And what CSR is? Toward the Moral Management of Organizational Stakeholders. Also important aspect is publicizing of activity of the company in mass media.

Top integrated approach is treatment of A. Thus there is a need in Corporate Social Responsibility. For this reason there is no ambiguity and there are several approaches for CSR.

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Opportunity independently to form the share in social responsibility is favorable to them. Remember, this is an academic presentation. InMilton Friedman wrote an article titled "The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits" that sparked a debate about corporate responsibility that remains heated to this day.

Carroll, is public expectations in Friedman vs carroll to the concrete organization in four various spheres: Corporate social responsibility CSR, also called corporate responsibility, responsible business and corporate social opportunities - is the concept according to which the organizations consider interests of society, conferring on itself responsibility for influence of their activity on Friedman vs carroll, suppliers, workers, shareholders, local communities and other interested parties of the public sphere.

On the one hand, corporate governance includes procedures of realization of the rights of shareholders, obligations of board of directors and responsibility of his members for made decisions, level of remuneration of top management of the company, an order of disclosure of information and system of financial control, on the other hand - Friedman vs carroll means activity of the state regulators and other authorized bodies and the organizations, directed on a regulation of the specified sphere of the relations, with the third is an activity of rating agencies which, appropriating certain estimates, form idea of the investor of investment appeal of the company.

It is necessary to distinguish approach of A. Legal responsibility means need of law-abidingness of business in the conditions of market economy, compliance of activity of the company to those expectations of society which are recorded in rules of law.

Lack of uniform approach to understanding of corporate governance in many respects is explained by dynamism of the specified sphere. Schwartz who offered system approach to CSR from many researchers of this phenomenon. Now there is a set of treatments of the concept "corporate social responsibility.

At the beginning of the formation as social responsibility understood only policy of relationship with workers, timely payment of a salary, payment of taxes. Practice of CSR is a subject of numerous disputes and criticism.

Proceeding from the last approach, for character of sanctions, responsibility can be parted on legal, material, moral etc. Such actions as lead to a work gain in productivity in the companies, improvement of image of the company, to reputation growth.

Well and the most important motivation, this preservation of social stability in society as a whole. The Nobel Prize laureate in the field of economy Milton Friedman categorically insisted: Freedmans theory is mainly against the social responsibility conceptAccording to Milton Freedmans theory, a manager who acts responsibly to cut downthe prices of commodities and services of a company to avert inflation, or hiredevoted jobless or make expenses in an effort to reduce and control pollution is usingthe shareholders money for social interest.

References in proper APA format Please ensure that every slide has a title at the top explaining what the slide covers. So where is truth? Voluntary responsibility assumes participation of the organization in any socially significant projects which are not concerning directly the sphere of its action and not having relations to results of its influence on ecological and social sphere.

Obligatory responsibility means need of the organization to be responsible before society for consequences of the decisions and acts. You are encouraged to conduct additional research about Friedman and Carroll using outside sources.View Homework Help - Friedman vs Carroll from MBA at Columbia Southern University.

Social Responsibility: Friedman and Carroll

Milton Friedman vs. Archie Carroll Should Companies Consider Only Their Profits or Can Social Responsibility%(7). I need to come up with a summary of both Milton Friedman (traditional view of business responsibility) and Archie Carroll main points (four responsibilities of business). I also need. Business Responsibility: Milton Friedman Versus Archie Carroll.

Friedman vs. Carroll Social Responsibility Theories Essay Dissertation Help Get Started! InMilton Friedman wrote an article titled “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits” that sparked a debate about corporate responsibility that remains heated to this day.

Compare Milton Friedman's Traditional View of Business Responsibility and Archie Carroll's Four Responsibilities of Business.

What are their points of views regarding ethical principles and corporate responsibility? Prepare a. The main idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). History of CSR. Types of CSR. Profitability of CSR.

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Friedman’s Approach. Carroll’s Approach to CSR.

Friedman vs. Carroll Social Responsibility Theories Essay Dissertation Help

Measuring of CRS. Determining factors for CSR. Increase of investment appeal of the companies. Find answers on: Power Point Presentation - Friedman vs. Carroll Social Responsibility Theories.

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