Future soundz microsite mark scheme

Review your documents and identify any information gaps. The additional information is required about the faculty members, the leaders and the timing proposed for the different groups. Future Soundz Microsite Mark Scheme Future Soundz Microsite Mark Scheme The navigation does not fully address the clients requirements egg the hierarchy may not be as specified in the client brief, such as all pages being included on the navigation bar with no need to drill down.

Why do you believe this style is the most appropriate for your document? How will this influence your writing? Effective combinations of assets across the whole Microsoft that demonstrate sound awareness of the target audience and the a suitable Future Sounds Theme the student clearly understands the purpose Of the Microsoft and has used combinations of text and images to produce content that would appeal to year olds and promote the studio to them.

Consistent use of accessibility features for visually-impaired visitors where appropriate throughout the site consistent use of high contrast colors, scalable fonts and clear alternative text on all images, avoiding inappropriate color combinations such as red and green.

List the graphics you will include in your document, and complete the following tasks 1 — Explain the objectives of each of these graphics and the key information they should convey.

Each will appear on the brochure. Drafting the text involves an overview of the 1 -organization style guide; confirm software application settings match the style guide requirements;for example, correct dictionary setting.

Update your control documents with these requirement. Part F Write a paragraph about the language you have chosen for your document. In the image below, you will see here placed those four pieces of art work.

To fill up the white space, Ill insert a couple of eat looking school related art work in the next step. Do you need any support? Some combinations of assets on the pages are appropriate for the audience and purpose egg images and text are generally appropriate on some pages but less so on others.

Digital Technology

Part E Draft the text of your document 1- What might you review prior to drafting the text for your document? By reviewing all the abolished documents and the target audience demands have all the required information and a clear idea of the presentation to achieve the documents purpose most effectively.

The success of the document rests on the style and contents but most important is the language content as it is the way of communicating your message to the target audience.Future Soundz Microsite Mark Scheme.

Some effective combinations of assets on the pages that demonstrate some awareness of the target audience and/or the Future Soundz theme (eg the colour scheme may reflect those present in the logo, some images may be well-chosen, optimised, sized or positioned to illustrate accompanying text which is.

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Future Soundz Microsite Mark Scheme

For you to download instead! Pease comment and offer improvements, constructive critisism well recieved! /5(13). Review your progress against the mark scheme in the Assets folder and state ONE thing that you need to ensure you do on your next practice task.

Posted by Mrs S Palmer at am. CCEA Digital Technology is for students who are interested in current and emerging technologies, the impact they have and how to use them effectively.

Digital Technology Microsite > Home Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment. It must be stressed that a mark scheme is a working document, in many cases further developed and expanded on the basis of students’ reactions to a particular paper.

Assumptions about future mark schemes on the basis of one year’s document should be. Future Soundz Microsite Mark Scheme ; MAT Courses / matdotcom ; May 20, | No Comments | Category: Free Essays.

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Future soundz microsite mark scheme
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