Hershey s continued use of unethical practices

Hershey, which claims Have soared to metric tons up fromin and cocoa imports to the U. This treatment of children is not only unethical it is illegal. Criteria that must be met include the establishment of a just price that is carefully calculated to cover the costs of sustainTABLE production, direct trade, and contact with farmers; the development of marketing co-ops with the foundation of democratic decision making; and the payment of a premium that gets directed to the co-pop community.

Child laborers are subject to harmful health risks from working long hours in unhealthy conditions and this treatment of children is not only unethical it is wrong.

While our children are guarded against playing with anything slightly pointed or sharp, the children of West Africa work day in and day out with heavy machetes, and no chance of medical care in the event of an accident. It will prove that the well being of the children is more important than making record profits.

They need to take Steps to ensure that child labor is not used in their supply chains. Third party verification systems such as Fair Trade Label are being encouraged by chocolate companies to ensure child labor is no longer used in the chocolate industry.

From the teleological position, the use of child labor permits the achievement of profits desired.

Hershey's Child Labor: Chocolate Company To Source Independently Certified Cocoa By End Of 2012

Child labor is cheap labor. My decision might be perceived by Hershey negatively. Child Labor Public, Moreover, children who are forced into child labor often work in hazardous conditions. The Fair Trade Labeling Organizations International FOOL was initiated in the fall of and works to certify various chocolate companies based on ewe criteria that ensure no exploitation was involved along the way of chocolate production.

Moreover, it is a societal problem because our society rejects child labor, yet its condition persists. They need to implement checks and balances that ensure that children are not being used in the production of their products.

Department of Labor, have played an important role in seeking to ensure that programs to help the victims of child labor are financially supported. Moreover, Hershey needs to embrace the strongest system of certification, the Fair Trade Label.

They need to ask suppliers to end child labor practices throughout their supply chain, and notify them that they will only be using suppliers that are verified for not using child or forced labor.

According to the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture, over of child laborers are under the age of fourteen and work over twelve hours a day, filling and lifting fifty pound bags of beans.

So far hey have made no changes but still are making record profits, therefore they might not see a need to change what works for them. Additionally, Hershey needs to inform suppliers that they will not tolerate forced labor or child labor from any of their suppliers.

Making these changes and efforts will prove to consumers and legislators that Hershey is serious about ending child labor throughout their supply chains.

Children continue to suffer as Hershey profits continue to soar. From the deontological position, child labor is wrong regardless of how much profits are earned, and action needs to be taken to ensure that child labor is no longer used in chocolate production.

Judging by how the company has been under scrutiny for the past decade shows that they really are not concerned about child labor in other countries or in their supply chains as much as they are about earning record profits. They are exposed to pesticides, they work with dangerous machinery and tools, they have a lack of clean water, and washing facilities, and toilets and they often must carry heavy loads that are twice their weight.

Hershey needs to practice more ethical behavior when it comes to choosing their suppliers. On a societal level the issues that need to be addressed are the fact that child labor is illegal, the fact that it applies to a large number of people, and also that child labor elicits norm violations in our society.

These children do not receive the basic right to an education; instead they have a tortured life of abuse and daily beatings all so people can have a candy bar.

Factors that decrease the health, safety, and development Of children laborers are skeletal growth, ill development of organs and tissues, greater risk of hearing loss, greater need for food and rest, higher chemical absorption rates, and lower heat tolerance.

The illegal and unethical aspects of child labor need to be addressed on many levels. Risks may be greater for children at various stages of development and may have long term effects.

There are still 1. Most are underfed, mistreated, kept in filthy living conditions, and have never been to school.

Worldwide, millions of children are working in hazardous conditions that affect their health, safety, and their basic right to enjoy their lives as children.The Hershey Company’s first appearance on the World’s Most Ethical Companies list underscores the company’s commitment to leading ethical business standards and practices ensuring long-term.

Hershey is being sued based on allegations that its suppliers use illegal child labor. Corporate board reactions to these issues have been mixed at best. It’s time for a change. Feb 01,  · Reports of Hershey's using child labor in its cocoa fields have been widespread, and the publicity hasn't been kind.

In the past year, the Raise The Bar campaign, aimed at calling attention to. Ethical Companies with Unethical Practices Introduction American business should not be permitted to claim it is an ethical firm if it ignores unethical practices by its international suppliers.

For the purpose of this assignment I will use the Nike Company to highlight its unethical practices. Hershey, which claims 5% of the chocolate market, contain uses to use supply chains that use forced labor and child labor.

Hershey’s chocolate tainted with child exploitation, group charges

The effect child labor has on children is detrimental to their health and safety. Child Labor It is widely accepted that one of the key components to a healthy future is a good education.

Education is so important that in most well-developed countries, it is the law, with a punishment for refusing to go to school. However, children around the world are deprived of this essential right.

Hershey s continued use of unethical practices
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