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Construct an Essay Plan Step 3: Introduction, body and conclusion. Consider and if possible, specify the evidence you might draw on and which texts you might refer to. Having a clearer understanding of the most effective ways to structure your writing can help you to plan and organise the content of your essays and make sure you get your ideas across.

Make a few notes about how each main point might be developed. Explain how and why you have decided to limit it in the introduction to your essay, so the reader knows you appreciate the wider issues, but that you can also be selective.

Essay structure is guided by its content and argument so every essay will pose unique structural challenges. The essay plan may be written in note form to save time, or it can be written in full sentences, depending upon whichever the author feels most comfortable with.

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The final section is the conclusion. If it is a closed question, your answer must refer to and stay within the limits of the question i. If an essay plan is followed, it provides evidence to the reader that the author is knowledgeable in the subject in which they are writing upon, and can transfer the knowledge onto paper.

Try the Essay Planning and Structure Prezi to find out more. Try to see your essay plan as something that evolves as you engage further with your topic. Once the essay subject has been chosen, the topic fully researched and the authors opinion on the matter decided, it is time to begin planning the essay.

A clear and well-written thesis statement will help you to determine the direction and structure of your argument. The introduction is designed to inform the reader of what they are about to read, and the opinion the author has arrived at on the subject.

The paragraphs should be broken down as follows: These paragraphs are the building blocks used to construct the argument. By doing this, the author is preventing the essay from sounding disjointed.

P3, P4, P5 etc. At this point in the essay plan, effort should be made to ensure that each paragraph links smoothly to the next, creating an even flow in the information the author is presenting.

What are main points? In the essay plan, the author must plan the conclusion as one paragraph, brief and straight to the point, similar to the introduction. The essay plan does not have to be written as long as the essay itself, it must only provide the skeleton of the essay.

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This is vital when trying to successfully portray a point, as if the information is not clear, the reader will not fully understand the suggestions the author is making, and the essay will be graded lower.

It is important in an essay plan for the author to note down quotations from academic resources so they do not have to be searched for when the time comes for actually writing the essay. This will give evidence the author has thoroughly researched the topic, and was able to pick out and use the relevant information for the essay subject.

It is helpful to break down the information into bullet points in the essay plan, choosing the most relevant information and noting down how it can be expanded on when the essay itself is written.

Use a template plan? To write a successful essay, an essay plan is essential.How to Write an Essay Plan: An Example. August 29, By Editex. Editex is the world's leading marketplace for connecting academics & students with high quality academic editors.

Use Editex to find an academic editor who suits your needs and budget. Start your Search Here. Search for: Article Categories. Planning and Structuring an Essay Academic essays usually follow an established organisational structure that helps the writer to express their ideas in a clear way and the reader to follow the thread of their argument.

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An example of an essay plan Why plan? An essay plan helps you organise your ideas and you can be modified as you read, think or discuss more. It is a basic outline of your essay and is useful if you want to discuss your writing with your lecturer, tutor or with an Academic Support person. Here is an example of an essay topic and a possible plan.

Writing a Research Paper. What organizational plan will best support my purpose? top. Writing the Introduction. In the introduction you will need to do the following things: Build your essay around points you want to make (i.e., don't let.

Construct an Essay Plan Step 3: Construct an initial essay plan After you have generated some ideas, it’s important to write an initial plan. How to Write an Academic Essay How to Write an Academic Essay.

Mar 30, Types of Academic Writing. A large portion of university and high school education is based on writing academic essays. Writing a business plan is a challenge you will face sooner or later if you study business administration in-depth.

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How to write an essay plan academic
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