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All 8 songs are really good and some are just fantastic. But the rest is really lacking something, as in "The Prophet" or "Clear Days", clearly sounding as filler. I think his playing is very underrated, though it is hard during his return to YES years later what his actual contributions are.

I wonder if John ever heard it. The only notable exception is "Clear Days", but this track lacks true melodic hooks to work in this context. It would have been nicer as just a solo piano and vocal. Alas, half of the album How to yes very good, while the other half To quote a man who went very crazy around this time in while fronting Fleetwood Mac, "oh well.

The other three are nearly as good, though. And there are some other bad production decisions -- the distorted vocal on "Astral Traveller" was, I would venture, supposed to make Anderson sound like an alien as if he needed in help in doing that. Three of the other songs are also irritating for various reasons.

Heck, on the BBC Sessions, you can even hear the announcer say before "Sweetness," "This man has a lot of soul in his voice"! Overall I would give this album a 7 Yes started out as a conversation between Anderson and self-taught bassist Chris Squire at a bar where Anderson was essentially the janitor.

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Oddly, two of them are covers, but whatever - the performances How to yes. YES did it their way from this point more or lessand it paid off. I give this one a 9 He is no Cans and Brahms. The games released in the United States on September 30, They were playing covers of the Beatles as a tribute.

Looking Around In the beginning Oddly though, The Yes Album seems like night and day in a straight up comparison. My favorite, as you can tell from the bold letters above, is side-one closer "Looking Around.

I also really like The Prophet. And on this album, it shows that Anderson really knows how to pen a song, i. The emphasis is clearly on traditional songwriting with two towering achievements in the wonderfully catchy "Sweet Dreams" and the hippie-sounding yet incredibly efficient "Time And A Word" the test of acoustic guitar once again - there are much more chord changes and melodic twists in this one than on any of the following albums!

On the other hand, I will grant that the orchestrations, for all of their utter garishness in fact, because of them work on "No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed. Finally, "Survival" has a great intro.

This is not actually the case here, as there are really strong cuts. Any Trainer who wins this last battle becomes the new champion. A high 8 out of In his blog, Shudo reveals he had an ending drafted for the anime, in which the last episode reveals an elderly Ash Ketchum hallucinated the entire events of the show.

Members of any old British post-psychedelic band could have substituted for them. There are also versions of two tracks that would get strings during the sessions for the next album. Originally, it was a cute pop song with nice vocal harmonies and a good melody - here, the introduction is a blood-thirsty prog-jazz monster, giving absolutely no hint of the actual nature of the song itself in fact, one might even be thrown off by the quotes of "Day Tripper" here and there.

The orchestral arrangements for Then positively do not work - the actual song is an ok minor-key groove, but the orchestra muddies things up to such an extent that it gives me a headache. In fact, one of the reasons I like this disc so much is probably out of sympathy to Mr.

And, of course, the melodies are very pretty.

I like how it gradually builds up through the songs through the harmonies. The overall direction is unclear, as shown by the complex yet apparently random arrangements of the otherwise pleasant "Then" and "Astral Traveller", whose function still escapes me, while the mini-epics of the first have temporarily disappeared.

And the main song But the theme to Sesame Street??!!! The title track also shines through - it may seem like a typical lightweight hippie anthem, but man, Jon Anderson was and is a lightweight hippie.

Players can choose a Grass-typea Fire-type, or a Water-type. Keyboards he has provided have always been very strong and sometimes moody.John McFerrin offers interactive reviews of the great art-rock group Yes. Comprehensive coverage of the New York Yankees, Brooklyn Nets, Major League Baseball (MLB), National Basketball Association(NBA), New York Sports, and Basketball.

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