Nursing relection

Fast forward further to June I knew weeks ago, George called me out on being on a destructive path. Within week one of Crossfitting and Paleo, I lost 7 pounds. I was knee deep in quick sand down a path of an eating disorder and wrapped up in severe body image issues.

Am I actively losing weight?

On a workout day this means lots of carbs, nearly no fat Nursing relection moderate protein. I can only hope sharing my story will spark something in other women or men like myself and stopping the cycle.

My struggles and my problems are no longer a secret. I grab my computer and re-read.

How Intermittent Fasting Saved Me…while Slowly Killing Me

I started to Nursing relection zits popping up a little more often. My skin started to glow, my teeth were whiter, I was at peace and a happier person in general and I adopted a LOVE for Paleo cooking and discovering and creating great meals that were truly nutritious and delicious.

I had come across so many articles praising it. The workouts were tough, but I kept with them. Every day you wait to break the fast.

While I am fighting to get to sleep on warm September night, I find myself thinking about my diet, my weight, my looks, this horrible acne… and it dawns on me… The cause is the effect of intermittent fasting. I would cry many days.

I read up, I bought the booksI got a full understanding of the diet. Instead I started polluting my blog with my obsessiveness over how starving myself for hours a day will get me lean and insisting everyone do it too. My hormones were ALL out of whack.

I grew to love Paleo eating even when my weight loss stopped.

A majority of that happened to fall off my waist. Love my meats-fatty cuts or lean, always eat my veggies…and bacon. I knew George was right. I was suddenly experiencing anxiety.

I called my mom and invite her over for my favorite breakfast that I have been ignoring for 10 long weeks- bacon and eggs and tell her I need to talk. I knew George had read my update. Pre-intermittent fasting I was in bed by 9pm, sometimes 8pm- out cold, and up and refreshed by AM.

I decide I have to immediately share this with my facebook following so I post an update about my Nursing relection. My appetite could never be satisfied. I am not proud I took this road, I realize I am light years away from the once healthy me I was just a year ago, I realize this is going to be a brand new journey in finding health, but I am excited to work on me, to look into therapy and to having a support system.

I had let my health go and let bad body image take over. You look like you lost like…six pounds! He gave me a general idea of the lifestyle and left the additional research up to me. Thank you Kaleigh for being so brave to share this, I hope it helps many women or men struggling with the same issues.

Every day you are calorically deprived. Read below to understand her difficult journey and how she overcame it.Men and Women have vastly different needs, and what works well for one gender may not work out great for the other.

So be very aware, women, especially those with hormonal imbalances, thyroid or adrenal dysfunction, or any other sort of imbalance, should be very cautious before embracing a fasting program.

Nursing relection
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