O level computer studies 7010 coursework

In addition to the practical work which candidates do throughout the course, there is the requirement for one significant piece of practical work to be presented for assessment.

Timing considerations are often critical and the term real-time control system is sometimes used to indicate this. In the role of supervisor, the teacher should do the following.

It should also take into account the implications for human resources, as well as appropriate resources which may be standard or purpose designed hardware, general or special-purpose packages, program generators or a programming language.

Good project topics are open-ended in the sense that if the work proves to be easier or the candidate more able and enthusiastic than the teacher first thought, it can be developed further.

Control systems are used in applications such as oil refining, chemical processing and integrated traffic-control systems. Automated systems Multimedia In broad terms, a batch processing system is one in which a job is processed without any direct interaction between the job and the user.

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Candidates will find it easiest to use a top-down approach. A network system is one in which processing is carried out independently in more than one location, but with shared and controlled access to some common facilities which normally include file storage and information resources.

This involves the definition of the problem, the choice of a method of solution, the selection of the appropriate resources and the documentation of the solution.

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Suggestions for Practical Work Candidates may choose to solve their problems either by the use of a software applications package or by writing their own program. Examples are the systems found in equipment such as washing machines and cameras. Typical applications are payroll and billing systems.

Any excessive help or guidance will result in a deduction of marks, the level of deduction being decided by the teacher taking into account the amount of help given. Candidates should have experience of using systems software and of using utility programs, such as routines for data transfer, sorting, searching and merging.

The exact method of solution will be the choice of each candidate but the teacher will need to ensure that all options have been covered during the course. Candidates should be made aware that hardcopy output of results is essential except where this is inappropriate for example in a control application.

The principal danger of using microcomputers exclusively is the impression gained by many candidates that all computing is exemplified by the facilities of the microcomputer. In a control system, one or more computers is used to control the operation of some non-computer equipment, usually involving some monitoring and logging of physical quantities, providing some analysis of performance and allowing some user interaction.

Where hardware or animated projects are undertaken, photographs and videotapes VHS may be sent. Teachers are advised to set this date at least one month before the final date that assessed practical work has to be submitted to the Syndicate for moderation.

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A note about the assistance given must be included in the appropriate place on the Individual Candidate Record Card. When the problem has been carefully defined, the algorithm for its solution is broken down into component parts at successively lower levels in small sections known as modules.

The amount of time that the candidate should spend on each stage should be discussed, and the candidate should be told and periodically reminded of the final date for submission to the teacher. Automated systems are broadly similar to control systems but are dedicated to a particular task, and lack the ability to collect and analyse data and the flexibility to allow for and act on user interaction beyond a very simple level.

Centres must ensure that the equipment and facilities provided are adequate for candidates to be able to satisfy the requirements of the syllabus.Download GCE O Level Computer Studies Past Papers papers download gcse revision tips Giant Molecular structures.

how are elements and compounds similar- related IGCSE IGCSE coursework IGCSE curriculum IGCSE O Level Computer Science Past Papers Free Download IGCSE O Level English First Language UK Past Papers IGCSE O Level. w w m e tr.X w ap eP O Level Computer Studies () om.c s er Is O Level Computer Studies available to private candidates?

No, it is not available to private candidates, because the coursework component is not available to private candidates. 8 /1 Nov02 11 A college offers courses which students access on-line.

Students logon on to the courses from their own homes. (a) In order to enroll on a course a student needs to complete an on-line application form which includes the student’s name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and the.

v1 2Y05 Cambridge O Level Computer Studies () 2 Syllabus ref Learning objectives Suggested teaching activities Learning resources undertaken on the coursework project.

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Computer Studies ; Computer Science ; Economics ; Home» Qualifications» International» Cambridge» O Level» Computer Studies Computer Studies Computer Studies is being replaced with computer science from may/june mint-body.com computer studies will no more be. O Level Computer Studies () 1/2 O Level Computer Studies () Is O Level Computer Studies available to private candidates?

No, it is not available to private candidates, because the coursework component is not available to.

O level computer studies 7010 coursework
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