Personal experience that lead to be sensitive to other cultures

Cultural Competence and Community Studies: A high school basketball team has to practice and play on many afternoons and evenings. As you think about diversity, it may be helpful to envision the kind of cultural community you want to build.

Cultural sensitivity involves accepting those differences without insisting your own culture is better, or that everyone should do it your way. In view of the vast number of religious faiths worldwide, only the most widely represented have been taken into consideration Figure I.

How will the world be unified as a cohesive whole, if people separate into many different cultural groups?

Cultural Sensitivity Skills in the Workplace

If there are instances when you have to be inflexible, you need to communicate why. When the exterior is peeled off, there are not so many differences after all. According to some other faiths, on the contrary, the problem does not exist Table I.

If it is difficult for you to be the only person like yourself attending, you can bring a buddy with you and support each other in making friends. What is seen as a strength in one culture may be a considerable impediment in another culture. Go to meetings and celebrations of groups whose members you want to get to know.

Why do immigrants have to hold onto their own cultures and languages? Asia comes in second at 73 percent, North America despite our ample make-out points and roomy back seats slips into third at 55 percent, and tailing the list with a big fat zero is Central America.

Invite the quieter people to lead part of the meeting. Each of us can build the kinds of communities we dream of.

Continue Reading Below Advertisement And not all kissing is the same: These habits transcend Muslims of all races, cultures and ages, emphasizing the importance ascribed to correct ablutions. When we think of culture this broadly we realize we all belong to many cultures at once.

This is the most common approach in the case of faiths such as Sikhism and Hinduism. Are there some people you shy away from? Schools understand this and have traditionally encouraged the need to put learning into context. Printing this electronic Web page is permitted for personal, non-commercial use as long as the author and the University of California are credited.

In general, in theory, those religions with an alcohol prohibition in everyday life demonstrate a pragmatic vision which is followed by the acceptance of the most valuable approach in the perspective of optimal patient-care delivery. In many western societies we might be tempted to assume that being able to speak and understand more than one language is the exception.

Immigration and travel are more common and extensive than ever before as a result of the geopolitically active forces of migration, asylum-seeking and, in Europe, the existence of a broad, borderless multi-state Union.The Guardian - Back to home. Make a This is why, I believe, it is so important for students to have a deeper global awareness and understanding of other cultures.

In my own experience, leaving. Within this framework, a WHO Task Force on Religious and Cultural Aspects of Hand Hygiene was created to explore the potential influence of transcultural and religious factors on attitudes towards hand hygiene practices among HCWs and to identify some possible solutions for integrating these factors into the hand hygiene improvement.

Previously published as: Hart, G. Sensitivity to other cultures. Intercom May –8. I'll provide a few tips based on my personal experience. Remember: "They're not like us" This assumption can lead to a certain unconscious arrogance that blinds us to the fact that other cultures are equally deserving of respect and.

How Cultural Factors Affect Leadership

For Personal use: Please use the following citations to quote for personal use: MLA "How Cultural Factors Affect Leadership.". On My Personal Experience with Other Cultures Encountered by My essaysOn My Personal Experience with Other Cultures Encountered by My Every lucky man has all five senses, perhaps he or she has also the power of predicting the future by means of of the so called "sixth sense", or intuition.

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Sensitivity to other cultures

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Personal experience that lead to be sensitive to other cultures
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