Poverty causes and effects essay

These children over time suffer from severe health problems like low body weight, mental, physical disabilities and a general poor state of immunity making them susceptible to diseases.

Essay on Poverty in India: Causes, Effects and Solutions

Of course, like all other social science statistics, these are not without controversy. They have to fight the hardship of poverty to secure food, clothes and shelter. Agriculture must be made profitable. They do not get seeds and fertilizers in time. Feminist perspective on poverty Finally, recent decades have witnessed the feminization Poverty causes and effects essay poverty, or the significant increase in the numbers of single women in poverty alone, primarily as single mothers.

Additionally, because wives normally live longer than their spouses, more elderly women are living in poverty. In the beginning the effect of poverty is food shortage. The World Bank has updated its international poverty line figures to 1.

Concentration of wealth in the hands of few rich people lead to social disturbances and revolts. Many Indian people do not get two meals a day. They might require to do a badly paid work that take their healthiness a lots. Malnutrition among adult also leads to poor health in adults that leaches their capacity for manual labour leading to a decrease in income due to weakness and diseases.

In this culture of poverty—which passes from generation to generation—the poor feel negative, inferior, passive, hopeless, and powerless. The study also showed that 8. The initiatives taken to deal with the problem of urban poverty has not yielded the desired results.

Although such countries as the Netherlands or Belgium have a high density of population, their agricultural industry is based on mechanized farming and high-tech solutions, so poverty and hunger have no chance there.

Children of poverty are at an extreme disadvantage in the job market; in turn, the lack of good jobs ensures continued poverty. More or less individuals even turn out to be burglars as soon as they run out of cash. My aims is that God create human being but he didn??? Demographic — the main factor that contributes to poverty-ridden state of the country from a demographical point of view is the problem of over population.

Causes of Poverty

Women are the worst victims of poverty. Hence, they experience more health problems. Lack of access to as well as means to procure appropriate treatment also affects overall mortality of the population which is lower in poor countries than developed nations like the USA.

Causes and Effects of Poverty

As a result, the poor people are often exploited by the wealthy community. A multi-dimensional difficult, poverty goes above all social, economic, and political restrictions. Also read, article on Poverty and Child labour in India. They neglect the national interests.

As a result the women of the family add to the number of dependents that need to be fed instead of being able to contribute considerably in the family income which might assuage the poverty situation of the family.

People have become selfish.

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A large number of women in low income households are beaten, and because of the violence they endure it is difficult to leave their life of poverty. Size of rural houses: People are deemed poor if their incomes are insufficient to obtain the basic necessitates for themselves or their families.

In addition to this, there are around 4. Our social system should be changed.Reasons that Can Cause Poverty Essay Words 5 Pages Poverty is the lack of the basic needs of life, including food, shelter, clothing and safe drinking water. The amount cause of poverty is lack of money, nevertheless it is not the only cause or effect.

On the other hand, the purpose of this essay is to discuss some of the main causes and effects of poverty, which I will be declaring in learning, conflicts, food shortage, and natural catastrophes. Poverty is a remarkably complex social fact, and to discover the causes of poverty is equally complex.

The simplest form of explanation to this phenomenon which is generally given is that it is the poor which are a cause of their own poverty. Also read: Short essay on Poverty in Indian Villages.

Causes of poverty. The growing population inflates the problem of poor techniques used in Agriculture. Further, there is unequal distribution of wealth. As a result, the poor people are often exploited by the wealthy community.

Effect on Economy –poverty is a direct index indicating success of the economy of the country. The number of people living under the poverty threshold indicates whether the economy is powerful enough to generate adequate jobs and amenities for its people. Reasons of poverty are numerous, and it is difficult to analyze the entire complex of causes of such a global issue.

However, some of them are obvious: a colonial background, wars and political instability, dense population combined with low agricultural capabilities, and certain psychological traits of poor people.

Poverty causes and effects essay
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