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The MLB uses the idea of a luxury tax, in which for every dollar that is payed over the cap they will be fined a certain amount. More essays like this: For a league to prosper you must keep the competition balanced to draw in as many fans as possible and the one way to keep the talent just is through salary caps.

Winnipeg is far from a floor concern. The resulting effect on social welfare is counter-intuitive and depends on the preference of fans for aggregate talent and for competitive balance.

How to cite this page Choose cite format: All teams could make a profit. If fans prefer competitive balance, on the other hand, any binding salary cap will reduce social welfare.

Many of them leading to a very short lived life and every one of them almost single handedly ruining the league they were in as a whole. Four of the main wealthiest teams have reached a point of overall dominance and each of the four teams have placed first in their league since It shows that salary caps will increase competitive balance and decrease overall salary payments within the league.

It has been studied that in a league like the NFL, witch talent Pro salary cap essay said to be more relatively close, the absence of a salary cap would in theory not effect the league as a whole compared to a league like the NBA where the skill of players is diverse.

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The salary cap floor was never intended to be used as a target for teams to hover above and spend as little as possible. Perhaps the only team who should be legitimately concerned about the salary cap floor next season in Ottawa.

If all salary caps were dropped, we should see overtime the rise of wealthier teams no matter what sport, and the decrease of balance of competition. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

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Salary caps are necessary in professional sports for them to function. When a team has a bad season they can lose fans, and wont get money for tickets, food, and souvenirs. Some say it varies by the sport and others it vary by how different the values of the players actually are.

If the Better players in the NBA were allowed more money, you see a sprout of super teams in the more wealthier organizations. Now, these studies are just based off correlation between wins and payrolls, and although the effect of no salary caps would be more dramatic in the NBA, That does not mean there would just be absolutely no effect on the NFL.

By limiting the amount of money a certain player can make to a certain amount, one single team cannot out bid another. Teams with the most money can offer the most money to a player and be more likely to get him.

However, both the Rangers and Jets can immediately be crossed off as a salary floor concern. This negative effect can even be seen today in European football or more formally known as soccer in the English Premier League.

This resulted in an average revenue of the League to just half of what the NFL makes alone. The salary caps allow one very wealthy organization to not overpower the rest. With the bulk of unrestricted free agency accounted for, just three teams currently sit below that mark: In years past, some teams have even struggled to hit that mark, taking on injured players or overpaying players in order to pass the floor.

Very wealthy owners of companies with shell out a lot of money to have certain players on their team. This idea that the loss of salary caps being so negative seems to be like an unjustified statement, but really many cases have proved the significant causes it can have.

The pair are perhaps the two teams with the most potential salary tied up in salary arbitration this off-season.The NBA Salary cap is an interesting topic. It is a little different than other sports' salary caps. A salary cap is a limit on the amount of money that a team can spend on player contracts.

(Coon, 1) Although the NBA has a salary cap, teams can still go over the amount of the cap and are allowed. NFL Salary Cap Essay - Ina hotdog costs fifty cents, a pop costs one dollar, a ticket to a NFL game costs fifteen dollars and the average football player made between nine and ten thousand dollars.

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Essay on Pro Salary Cap Words | 11 Pages. Pro Salary Cap According to Dan Oleary, “Since baseball is the only major sport without a salary cap, and with the way baseball’s big-spending teams throw around money, having a different winner each year seems to defy logic” (OLeary).

The NBA Salary cap is an interesting topic.

Salary Caps in Sports Essay

It is a little different than other sports' salary caps. A salary cap is a limit on the amount of money that a team can spend on player contracts. Salary caps help players earn decent amounts of money, but not too much, and should be used in all pro sports.

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