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In Dreamspacetheir third album, was released. Inthe self-titled album Stratovarius was released to hostile reception by fans. It was the first album after the departure of Timo Tolkki and Jari Kainulainen, and featured in their place new guitarist Matias Kupiainen and bassist Lauri Porra.

Rage (Band)

In SeptemberStratovarius announced the start of recording of their second album with Matias Kupiainen on guitar. In the band released their sixth studio album titled Visions. Polaris and Elysium — [ edit ] Matias Kupiainen joined the band in They went through a number of personnel, style and name changes before the band found its own voice.

Stratovarius is no more GloryHammer and Divine Ascension were the support acts for the European leg of the tour. In the album was re-released along with different live material recorded during the Polaris Tour.

The premiere of these concept shows was September 12, Stratovarius eventually found a replacement guitarist with Matias Kupiainenand soon after began work on their next album. In their debut album Fright Night was released, which would be Singles gardelegen by a small tour of Europe.

Tolkki later took the songs he wrote for the R.

This was the last album with a singing performance by Timo Tolkki, being featured as a backing vocalist on this album. In OctoberStratovarius embarked on a world tour to promote the new album.

On May 20,the band released their Best Of compilation, which included one previously unreleased track called "Until the End of Days".


The band started auditions for a new singer, eventually choosing Timo Kotipelto. A couple of months after the breakdown, Tolkki was diagnosed with bipolar disorder and went into rehabilitation for a period. Inthe band released their first album with Kotipelto on vocals Fourth Dimensionwhich was accompanied by a music video for the song "Against the Wind".

Initially conceived as a double album, the project was eventually split into two different releases, with Elements Pt.

First years without Tolkki: In the same year, the band recorded the album Destiny which reached No. In they released their first two singles, "Future Shock" and " Black Night ".

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It was also during this time that Stratovarius orchestrated a series of publicity stunts, including Kotipelto being fired and replaced by a female singer named "Katrina K", as well as Tolkki being stabbed at a concert.

Kainulainen was quickly replaced with Lauri Porra, and in the band began work on a new album that was tentatively titled R This was the first album that showed Singles gardelegen of the new direction the band was heading, with tracks such as "Twilight Symphony" using an orchestra for the first time in their recordings.

Eventually, the stunts were revealed to be a hoax, and Tolkki reunited the band to begin work on their next album. Tolkki was highly critical of the album, and Stratovarius showed evidence of the band relationship at an all-time low.

During this time, Timo Kotipelto released his second album with his side project Kotipelto titled Coldness. Inthe band released their new album titled Elysium that quickly reached No.

An official lyric video featuring vocalist Timo Kotipelto was uploaded onto YouTube. Notable songs on the album include the singles " Darkest Hours ", " Under Flaming Skies ", and the minute epic "Elysium", the longest song that Stratovarius has ever recorded.

During these shows, the whole album was played. Infinite, Intermission and Elements, Pts. The first single, " Unbreakable ", was released on January 25, The line-up on this album proved to be their most stable, remaining the same until the release of Polaris in Pfingsten Hotel Deutschland Feiertage Termin Termine Feiertagstermine Jahr Mai Juni Pfingstsonntag Pfingstmontag Gesetzlicher Feiertag Bundesländer Pfingsttage Schulferien Ferien Festwoche Pfingstoktav Menschen Urlaubsreif Urlaub Vergleichen Angebote Traumhafte Urlaubstage Beliebteste Ferienregionen Unterkünfte.

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