Tastee snax cookies

Problem Statement The problem we address in this report is to provide an overall project plan for Tastee Snax Cookie Company to help launch their new product soon enough to gain a share in the no-fat baked goods market.

In Table 1, you will find this list of activities that could be performed faster by increasing the cost of operations. Thirdly we discuss the assumptions and approximations that need to be considered before determining the solution approach.

Overall Recommendations The objective of the model was to find a solution to shorten the implementation. The CPM approach is based on a network representation that reflects activity precedence relations.

Tastee Snax Cookies

The earlier a product would enter the market the quicker it would be able to gain market share. A critical path has activities with zero slack and is the longest path in the network. The network of activities It visualises the predecessor relationships, the early start and finish times black and the latest start and finish time red.

LS and LF was calculated as shown below. As can be seen in figure 1, the earliest and latest times are the same in the activities of the critical path.

The cheapest way to shorten the project duration by five weeks is to crash four activities. Results Based on the CPM network drawn we have deduced the following for each activity: Based on our results, we would state that the maximum number of weeks by which the project can be shortened is 6 weeks.

The critical path contained the critical activities with zero slack time. A delay in one of the activities of the critical path results in a delay of the overall project.

Keeping in mind the objective of the case, we then analyzed the results.

Tastee Snax Cookie Company Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

Finally we present our recommendations to Tastee Snax Cookie Company. Activities A4, A7 and B5 are crashed to their maximum crashed time. The CPM analysis shows that the cheapest way to shorten the project duration by six weeks is to crash four activities.

Nodes and bars in green visualize the critical path. This means certain ecisions will have to be made regarding the time taken to finish all activitivities while keeping the objective in mind.

By taking into consideration the slack times in weeks provided in the case, we then arrived at the critical path. The description of each activity and the indicated time required for its completion in weeks was taken at face value from the case; The tasks to be performed by each department and the estimated durations and deadlines were also considered as given;?

As seen in Table 3 activity A4 should be crashed three weeks and activities B2 and B5 one week. The maximum of EF times, 52 weeks, is the estimated completion of the entire project.Tastee Snax Cookie Company (B) Case Solution,Tastee Snax Cookie Company (B) Case Analysis, Tastee Snax Cookie Company (B) Case Study Solution, This case B allows students who have completed Cookie Tastee Snax Company case (UV), to analyze how the duration of the project described in this case.

tastee snax cookie company (a) Kevin Lindeman, vice president of Marketing for the Tastee Snax Cookie Company, a regional producer of baked-goods snacks in the southeastern United States, was faced with developing and introducing.

Tastee Snax Cookies Words | 11 Pages reports about fat consumption and introduction of heavy advertisements of no-fat baked goods by other manufacturers, Tastee Snax Cookie Company lost a big share of the market the past year.

The objective is to determine the most cost effective method to decrease the project’s deadline. The project plan discussed below has been generated through the use of a projectplanning scheduling technique, Critical Path Methodology, to secure the scientific approach.

tastee snax cookie company (a) Kevin Lindeman, vice president of Marketing for the Tastee Snax Cookie Company, a regional producer of baked-goods snacks in the. A regional producer of baked goods faces the challenge of developing and bringing to market as quickly as possible a new nonfat cookie.

The project manager decides to use CPM (critical path method) to coordinate the product's introduction.

Tastee snax cookies
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